Wednesday Musing

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Overflowing, overflowing, teetering on the edge. Don’t bump me or it will spill.

A nickname that just wasn’t enough to cover your smile, laughter or the loving memories of family time. Happy juice, hanging loose or what your spirit produced.

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hallucinations of reconciliation, a reprieve from yesterday’s sorrows. Snow globe filled of tears and yester years.

I require the silence of hearts sharing a beating path. the darkest of skin under cover of shadows. I require the precision of skilled thoughts; the desecration of spilled words over sweeten tongues………

Published by sisters8keeper25

Greetings, Welcome and thanks for stopping by. My interest includes but not limited to science, science fiction, history, psychology, mental health, Tourette’s, Autism. I am a writer and artist. Since a young age, words have fascinated me.

One thought on “Wednesday Musing

  1. Hi there, I really enjoy your postings. You are very articulate and have a real know how to when it comes to utilizing your use of words and your specific wording. Great work!! I will be back for more!! God bless!


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