Being Vegan during a Holiday/Taste like Hate

November 25, 2021 When my kids were young and I didn’t know any better, we celebrated holidays such as the present one and Christmas. Today, they don’t and neither do I because we practice, “knowing better equals doing better”. I hail from a long line of good cooks. Generational recipes and some creations and blendingContinue reading “Being Vegan during a Holiday/Taste like Hate”


Rittenhouse/Allyn Walker Let’s talk about the obvious misuse of language, power, bewitching, spiritual warfare and because I need balance. I’ll also make mention of silence, weakness, repugnant and substance. Judge Bruce Schroeder didn’t like the word, “victims” in the trail of K. Rittenhouse. Video footage shows Rittenhouse tearing through people with an AR-15 rifle. TheContinue reading “Judges/Professors”

Butcher Blood and Ice Cream

As a child, my maternal grandmother lived in a large three story home complete with hanging chandeliers and maid quarters.  I asked my mother what her mother did for work she started explaining using words such as domesticate, household, cleaning and I blurted out “oh maid”.  Which was explained to me that we don’t useContinue reading “Butcher Blood and Ice Cream”


A few days past I created a post for my social media that read, “IF ALL IS NEEDED IS AIR, FOOD AND SHELTER ALL ELSE ARE SUCCESSFUL SCAMS”.  My post lacked a$$ shaking, pain or shiny things, so it was ignored. The shiny things in today’s world are topics and some of the trending topicsContinue reading “Clickbait/Journalism/Responsibility”

My Mother Married a Pedophile

Some title huh? But unfortunately, true. My mother was a smart, beautiful woman deeply troubled. When my mother slept, she had such violent dreams that she screamed, moaned and fought in her sleep. I cry writing this because until the age of 45 so did I. My mother and her sister were left to beContinue reading “My Mother Married a Pedophile”

Trigger Week Dissecting Consciousness/Brother, O’Brother

Conscious Community/Clout Chasing “Bag” According to consciousness · the state of being conscious; awareness of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc. · the thoughts and feelings, collectively … Navigating the YouTube waves are tricky, not impossible.  S Studio’s (not the name) host kept viable information regarding another man’s character a secret. I think men that harbor secrets likeContinue reading “Trigger Week Dissecting Consciousness/Brother, O’Brother”

Finding/Calling My Tribe?

*$__ it, I stand Alone Always/writer’s block When you belong to a community that refuses to acknowledge mental illness the hardest thing to live with is the loneliness. Find your tribe, how when communication is the one thing you struggle with daily? Every cliché is wrong and disturbingly insulting.  If I have days of notContinue reading “Finding/Calling My Tribe?”


Nonconventional Relationships Life with two boyfriends, a triad consisting of a black woman, her two boyfriends, one is man is black the other is white. She says, “I get to tap into areas of myself that I don’t with the other”. Meaning, she has a cultural connection and understanding with the one boyfriend because theyContinue reading “Polygamy/Polyandry/Fragility”